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Marketing Goals to Meet Using Google Display Ads

Google display advertisements have gone mainstream. These are ads display when you are browsing a certain webpage. Watching YouTube videos or when sending an email. Social media growth has open the doors for endless possibilities for people. According to Google display advertisement reaches 2 million people worldwide.

Which makes it the most potent channel for promoting any brand or service. Whether you are a consumer or digital marketing specialist google display advertisement. It is a powerful marketing technique. Google display offers control to the manufacturers. And provides them with a chance to increase the revenue. Such advertisement technique relies heavily on cookies.

The cookies help to keep track of user searched and their buying habits. It also enables buyers to target them with appropriate content. Google display ads come with a lot of perks.

Now let’s take a look at three marketing objectives that can be met via targeting on Google display ads.

1-Build Brand Awareness:

When it comes to building brand recognition, it’s all about grabbing the maximum number of eyes possible at a minimum cost. That means for ad format it’s responsive Display Ads all the way.  Because they can fit into inventories of websites, therefore, they catch the eye of a lot of people as compared to traditional banner advertisements. Although they are not always the prettiest ads out there. At this point, we are only focused on seeing the brand name and delivering the general concept.

To reach the masses and gain maximum exposure, you should choose to increase awareness as your marketing goal for display campaigns. To raise awareness, there are a variety of targeting options available:

  1. Demographics, with the option to select the audience from the age group, sex, or family status.
  2. Affinity marketing is another option for attracting TV-like audiences because it focuses on a thorough analysis of their habits, lifestyle, and interests.
  3. It can further be a customized affinity marketing program based on consumer profiles, giving you extensive coverage of niche market segments.

There are lots of indicators that can indicate a brand’s awareness is going up. But it’s difficult to measure success or failure with one specific indicator.

Your customer must, however, listen to what you have to say. Thus, our main focus is on:

  • Impressions a based on how many times the advertisement is view
  • Clicks represent how many people interacted with the advertisement
  • The bounce rate will tell you if you are getting real traffic or spam traffic

2- Influence Consideration:

As the phrase suggests, these are ads targeted towards people familiar with your product, or in the research stage about your product or service, but did not visit your page for quite some time.

It is important to understand the impact of your display advertising campaign when interacting with users who are looking for information about your product and services.

Google Display advertisement comes with a lot of choices that make the influence consideration more effective and potent:

a) In-Market Customers: In-market customers allow you to connect with potential buyers who are searching, exploring, or considering the types of products you sell and are on the verge of making a purchase.

b) Custom Oriented Targeting: For more customized targeting that is not available in In-market consumer databases, you can choose custom-oriented targeting.  Just choose key phrases or domains that best describe your target market.

c) Similar Audiences: Similar targeting helps find users who are similar to an existing retargeting list or a different set of lists.

3-  Drive Action

After launching the Display campaign, the traffic to the website has significantly grown. However, even in that case, those users do not convert into purchases. Below are marketing options you can use to get their attention.

  • Re marketing: Re marketing allows you to target users who have shown their genuine interest in your product through their visits to your site.
  • Traditional re marketing: Display advertisements to previous customers as they surf network websites and interact with network applications.
  • Real-time Re targeting: Generating real-time advertisements based on product data that has already been uploaded, you can get impressive results showing potential customers items they are already interested in.


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