5 Things to Know That Can Hurt Your Google Ranking - Right Eye Marketing
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5 Things to Know That Can Hurt Your Google Ranking - Right Eye Marketing

Brands are taking their Search Engine Optimization strategy seriously, because they want to score an insane amount of traffic, product sale and brand engagement as a result. They want to stay at the top of search engine ranking. Basic knowledge of SEO will help you to make sure that your webpage rank in the search engine. SEO that is not working is a frustrating experience, particularly if you can’t figure out what went wrong in your SEO strategy implementation. In this blog, we will discuss 5 things about your poor SEO strategies that you need to know to help your brand come on the top of Google.

1. Poor Content:

As a website owner, uploading good content on your website is very necessary. Copies or poor content is one of the top reasons why search engine optimization campaigns fail. Duplicate or poor content is the most common SEO issue affecting a website ranking. Good content on a website deserves the viewership of the targeted audience. If your content is not original and free of any grammatical errors, your audience will begin to abandon your website and this might result in readers not coming back.


If people find helpful and unique content on your website, they will likely to visit more often. This will also help you to sustain people on your website. Content that you have posted must be easily understandable and add something new for your target audience.

2. Strategy is Outdated:

Nowadays companies have to change their strategy over time. If your strategy is outdated then people will move to another website for better content. The simplest explanation for your SEO campaign not performing well is your strategy, that might be old and not a part of the current SEO trend.

Company strategy also includes “Too Many on Page Links”, too many irrelevant links can dilute the value of your page and send most of your traffic away. But if links are relevant to your site it will rank well. To solve the on-page link issue, perform a link audit would definitely help.

3. Incorrect language:

If your audience is global on the web, it is important to include a language declaration on the web page. A language declaration is an important tool that helps with geolocation, international SEO and language translation as well. Ensures those using text-to-speech converts hear your content in the correct way example Latin, American, Spanish. Google will make sure that your content is viewed by the right and relevant audience. This will help to improve your page’s relevance score, which is an important part of SEO.

4. Poor Keywords:

When you incorporate keywords into your content, it clues google into which searches that content help. Keywords are important because your website can show up when people type into search engines. This is the essential part of a good SEO campaign. Without keywords, you will struggle to rank in Google searches and can take time to reach the right audience. Right keywords will help you show up at the top of Google, which also helps to attract traffic to a website. Choosing Poor keywords can lead to a not Working SEO strategy.

5. Technical Issues:

If your website offers a poor experience on smartphones and tablets, visitors will likely to leave website. This will affect your website bounce rate as well.  Google algorithms determine your ranking. The downside is that technical issues can easily get in the way of your SEO.  If Google detects duplicate content on your website which is also available on multiple online pages, it will penalize you in ranking. If your website is having content that is preventing Google from crawling it. If google can’t crawl your site, it can’t display your pages in the search bar, which indicates that SEO doesn’t work.

Make sure you resolve all of your technical and content problems in your website and make it according to the Google defined SEO rules. Acquire SEO services and digital marketing services from Right Eye Marketing to improve your SEO ranking in Google.

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