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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Today is the era of social media. Through social media marketing we can connect with our target audience to boost our sales, add value to our product and drive website traffic. Make sure that your marketing strategies will be one of the winning strategies. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Tiktok and Pinterest are the main social media platforms which helps in online marketing.

Several brands like Amazon, eBay and Ali baba they are sharing their content on social media to generate traffic. Now-a-days many businesses use social media in a myriad of different ways. Five core pillars of social media marketing are

1. Strategy:

In planning strategy plays an important role, strategy makes your goals clear, so you can clearly focus on your goals. Your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound). In planning phase, you will make clear that on which social media plate form you have to focus more as different platforms attracts different audience, which type of content you want to share, some business uses social media for brand awareness, some use it for sales and for traffic on website. It’s better to pick you target platform the major social media platform mentioned above and upcoming plate form like tiktok and WhatsApp.

2. Train people who manage it:

There is always a gap between company and customer, the employee of the company has to fill this gap, for this gap you have to train people, these employees should have knowledge regarding company goals so that they can easily communicate with customers. After hiring it’s time to start train people and setting them up for success.

3. Advertising:

There are many advertisement platforms where you can promote your business-like newspaper, magazine, television, radio, online etc. Advertising is one of the important parts of business growth. If business is having more funds the advertisement is the part on which you have to focus as social media ads allows other customers to follow you other than those who are following you. Before advertising you should know the objectives of advertisement like through advertisement you will inform to others regarding your business product. As social media helps you to stay up-to-date with all latest changes.

4. Analyze:

Whatever we did like we are engaging on social media or posting content if we did not analyses the who process then it is totally wastage of process. Analyzing help, us to know that are we reaching more people than last month?

After analyzing you will have a big picture of understanding of your social media strategy. That will also help you that your particular KPI’S you have set for your bussies make sense or not?

5. Interaction with Audience:

Interaction with our audience will create positive relationship. Interaction with audience should be on time, responding to messages and comments will give a picture to our audience that we care about their opinion. This will also give us opportunity to grow more as more audience will get attract, this will also give more value to your brand. We can also use variety of tools for social media marketing, these tools will help you to go above and beyond customer service.

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