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5 eCommerce Marketing Ideas to Increase Online Sales

Every ecommerce marketing online business needs to gain traffic to their website. After you have decided what business you are promoting, it is important to know what marketing strategy will be applied to promote your online business.

Here we have outlined the effective e-commerce tools and marketing strategies together with the ways that help you to carry out each strategy. The better the idea more will be the repeat purchases from the current customers. Implement any of these ideas each day until the upcoming weeks. And on the final day of sprint try to figure out that what marketing strategy has worked efficiently to increase new sales.

What is e-commerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is the way to gain traffic to your online business by using promotional strategies. Then changing the traffic into paying customers and keeping the customers post-purchase. A holistic e-commerce marketing tactics involve the marketing strategies on both off and on your website. A sound marketing strategy is involved in driving customer loyalty, creating brand awareness, which ultimately leads to increased online sales. Ecommerce marketing can be used to entirely promote your online business or to increase the sale of a particular product.

5 ecommerce Marketing Ideas to Drive Online Sales

1. Integrate Instagram:

Instagram is one of the rapidly developing social apps with up to 500 million daily active users that connect brands, customers, and influencers.

You capture an enthralling picture and post it on Instagram using the hashtags tactically at the right time to build a large number of Instagram followers who are very concerned about your product. The solution to conquer your Instagram presence is to engage with the followers.

What are the ways to engage with Instagram followers? You may run a contest or go off a camera to feature the development process of your product. Paying to play on Instagram can also work. For doing e-commerce marketing, upload the products to your Instagram stories and posts that provide a direct link to followers to make a purchase that is a key to drive online sales. Instagram is also an e-commerce marketing platform in its right.

2. Reduce Abandoned Cart:

It is a harsh reality that every time the customer leaves their cart without making any purchase you lose money. This fact is studied well. The customers add items in their carts and then they leave their carts during the checkout procedure. About 69.23% of shopping carts are abandoned according to the Bayman Institute. Directly address the decline as much as you can as some customers forget to complete their purchase so they abandon their shopping carts. For instance, maybe they would have been convinced with free shipping or discount. An effective e-commerce marketing idea is an email recovery campaign that can be helpful to overcome the ratio of abandoned carts. It can persuade the customer to visit the site and complete their order purchase.

For example, the people at LUSH use particular titles and emails with additional product recommendations to try to get clients to return to their shopping carts. Create an email that attracts the customers to return to their shopping carts by helping them to remember what and why they thought of purchasing in the first place.

3. Launch a Facebook Store:

Despite various changes made by Facebook, it is still a viable platform for both e-commerce marketing and social media. It is genuinely simple to begin making sales through the Facebook store. It is even better that the Facebook store can directly merge with the Shopify store so that you don’t need to keep a different inventory.

4. Capture More Email Subscribers:

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods available for creating repeat customers and making sales. According to a study in 2015 by Forrester Research, About 17% of digital marketing spend occurs in email generally, yet it contributes to 24% profit.

There are a number of Facebook posts and tweets but email provides a more personal interaction. People are more cautious of sent messages to personal inboxes as compared to social feeds. Also, you can write anything in emails that cannot be written on social media posts. To begin with, email marketing promotes your blog, newsletter, or any other email actively to gain as many followers as you can.

5. Send Wish List Reminder Emails:

The wish list reminder email is one last type of email added to the ecommerce marketing ideas. The wish list reminder email is linked closely with the abandoned shopping cart email. Both emails are intended to persuade customers to take the last step for buying the product.

Has it been a long time since anyone checked their wish list? Is there any item on sale that can be added to a number of wish lists? Is it sold out? The best way is to send the email that lets your customer know. It can be a trigger to anyone who needs to purchase the product. For instance, Mod Cloth notifies the customers their product is becoming out of stock. It inspires the customers not to miss the product and to buy it.

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