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Google plays an important role in driving organic traffic to your website using SEO techniques. A web crawler browses each web and determines the pages that are relevant and useful to the users. Appearing your small business on the first page of Google is quite impossible. However, it can be made possible to rank your local and small business higher in the search results for free.

You can take your business at the top of the first page by using two free strategies: listing optimization and website optimization (SEO). You can get your business to appear on the first page by using the following strategies.

  • Adding specific keywords on your website for SEO
  • Updating your Google listing regularly
  • Creating content valuable for humans
  • Emphasizing on location
  • And much more

It is clear that appearing on the first page of Google is a goal for any business. Getting to know the importance of appearing on the first page of Google can also help you to prioritize it within the strategy of your business.

Why Google first page is very important?

The search results of Google are getting more powerful with local results, knowledge panels, expanded related questions, and many more. With such a huge number of approaches to stand out, getting the top ranking is really justified, particularly considering that the traffic and click-through factor decreases abruptly when the user visits down the search result on the webpage.

How many ways can be used to get your business on the first page of Google for free?

Appearing on the first page of Google is truly a possible goal among all the owners of small businesses. Google focuses on the quality of content not the quantity of the content. Google does not rank the website higher on the basis of a huge budget and large company. However, Google algorithms have certain factors behind it. In addition, several factors also run Google’s result page that help to appear on the first page of Google. These components include:

  • Web pages and blog posts (in organic results)
  • Google My Business account (in the maps/local section)
  • Snippets in the website content (many search pages on Google also shows “People also ask” and the answer box)
  • Landing pages (in paid ads section)

Ways to get on the first page of Google with SEO

Aligning your website according to the search engine ranking factors is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You do not search engine-optimize your website on the whole but you need to optimize each page of your website individually. Here are the ways to appear on the first page of Google.

1. Consider the Keywords for SEO Content:

First of all, determine which of the search queries will respond to your website pages according to Google. These words are called keywords that can be in the form of phrases or single words.

Following are the examples of keywords:

  • “brunch Boston”
  • “MA tenant laws”
  • “salon near me”
  • “how to stop the leaking roof”

Every page of the website targets a unique set of keywords that differs your website from the other pages. Your business website should contain the right keywords that help your ideal customers to type in and get the services and products they need.

2. Write For Humans:

The most important place to insert the keywords to rank higher is the body of the page content. Although, it is important that these keywords are naturally included rather than inserted excessively and systematically. Google also detects Keyword Stuffing for your entire content and if any keyword stuffing is detected, your content cannot appear on the first page of Google.

The goal to appear on the first page of Google is trustworthy, useful, and easy-to-read, however, the target audience will visit your pages more often if your content is informative. Sharing useful and informative knowledge is both very easy and free. Make sure that for appearing on the first page of Google for a specific keyword search your website should provide informative content not only the keywords.

3. Emphasize the Location:

You can also target your location-based query that is another free method to appear on the first page of Google. Your website should clearly specify the geographic area and city through the blog posts, contact page, and service page. In this way, when the users will search your industry and your city, Google will refer that searched information with your business as a search result for “near me”. However, if the user does not do a search by using a location, Google will provide results that are geographically relevant to their IP address. Therefore, local SEO is not only important but also free.

4. Optimize For Mobile Keeping Eye On SEO:

The website that is not responsive  for seo, also cannot appear on the top of Google search. Tablets and mobile phones are more in use by users as compared to laptops and computers. A large number of local searches are searched using mobile phones. As a result of which Google highly favors websites that are mobile-friendly.

The website will generate a great response when they maintain the functionality of any screen size. Although, you can also make certain adjustments to your website to make your website more responsive.

5. Focus on User Experience:

Your website should not only be mobile-friendly but also user-friendly. The website with clear calls to action and intuitive navigation, and answering to the immediate questions of visitors will make them visit the page more often. As a result of which Google will rank you higher on the first page. The higher ranked is the website, the more will be the traffic and more chances to appear on the first page.

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