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5 Best Podcast Platforms For A Winning Business

Marketing your brand’s voice is very critical when you have all the resources but don’t know how and where. Developing a plan, recording your content, and putting it out there for a targeted audience can be hefty sometimes. Once recorded and finalized, now you have to upload on some hosting platforms so that people can browse through and listen to what your brand has to say. A digital marketing strategist or digital marketing agency near me can be helpful in planning, recording, and publishing your podcasts.

In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 amazing and incredibly helpful podcast platforms that you need to check out.

1. Buzzsprout:

Buzzsprout is one of the best podcast platforms that offers 3 months of free podcast hosting as well. Offering you the simplest dashboard to upload podcasts, titles, audio files, tags, and company/brand details on one page. If you are looking for the cheapest platform to publish and circulate your podcasts, buzzsprout would be the best choice to make. You can also publish your buzzsprout podcasts to 20 different platforms using an RSS feed. Visit the buzzsprout website to know more about the amazing podcast platform.

2. PodBean:

PodBean is a go-to solution if you are looking for a large hosting audio space for your podcast cast production. You can distribute your regular podcasts or company podcasts in a very simple way. PodBean offers the best and simplest dashboard to upload, edit and delete podcasts. You can track in which countries your podcasts are being downloaded and where you want your podcasts to appear. This podcast platform offers $9 per month with unlimited bandwidth for your podcasts.

Visit the Podbean website to know more about the features and pricing plans.

3. Libsyn:

Offering a detailed audience overview, a good hosting plan, and podcast monetization options, Libsyn is the platform you are looking for your brand’s podcasts. You can directly publish your podcasts to more than 6 platforms at the same time using an RSS feed. This incredible platform offers user agent stats, episode stats breakdowns, and downloading stats from social media and websites. Visit the Libsyn website to know more about their pricing plan and features.

4. SoundCloud:

Besides a famous music app, SoundCloud offers the best podcast hosting plans too. You can go check their pricing and plans. A few of their features include iTunes connection, RSS feed publication, country selection, easy embedding to your website, and many more.

5. Megaphone:

If you want to connect with the right listener, a Megaphone would be the best choice to make. Offering two separate dashboards, publishers can use the sideway dashboard to upload and publish their podcasts. You can reach your targeted listeners concerning the user interest, purchase behavior, and other demographic properties across other devices. Visit the Megaphone website for more details about pricing and features.


If you are looking for someone to record a podcast on behalf of your company or brand, the Right Eye Marketing Team would love to work with you on your podcast project. It’s the best digital marketing agency located in Omaha, NE USA.

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