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Duplicate Content: How Does It Destroy Your SEO Efforts

Content writing is one of the most amazing jobs ever. Millions of writers write billions of words each day. Companies and businesses prefer unique content for their websites. Google prefers unique and healthy content too. It is one of the unethical practices in the digital marketing industry to copy content from other similar websites.

If you are running a digital marketing agency in Omaha, you need to consider going through this article in which we’ve explained why duplicate content is very dangerous for your website. How duplicate content or copied content kill your SEO efforts instantly? How Google unindexed your website URLS with the copied content? What type content writing agency in Omaha you need to hire for your business? Find all the answers about duplicate content in this article. Let’s dig into it.

Definition of Duplicate Content:

duplicate content is similar content which is published on another website or it could be a small portion of the content. copying and changing synonyms of the words will always fall in the duplicate content. duplicate content doesn’t mean copying word to word from any website. it also falls in duplicate content if a substantial piece of the content is copied and published on your website URL.

Types of Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content might be unintentional but most of the time it is not. Here are few things that cause duplicate content.

  • URL variants:

Sometimes URL variants can be a problem for your website. One single website URL created multiple URLs and it can be considered as duplicate content.

  • By chance:

It could be possible that someone just wrote similar content that a website has already. But it is just a coincidence and not intentional. You can use Small SEO Tool or Dupli Checker to check the plagiarism ratio in your content and remove the copied words from your content before publishing it on your website.

  • Intentionally copied content:

When writing in bulk quantity, many writers just copy content from other websites and make a few changed in the content sequence. Furthermore, Google can find out the content similarity ratio instantly. Copying content from other websites and publish it as your own is also considered intentionally copied content.

  • Scrapping:

If two pages have a similar quote that cannot be changed. Content scrapping can be dangerous if used on a large scale on your website.

The danger of Duplicate Content for SEO Strategy:

  • Google will penalize your website for publishing duplicate content
  • Your website URLs can be unindexed by Google
  • You won’t be able to rank your website with the copied content
  • Your SEO strategy will not benefit you at any cost
  • Website ranking will be decreased
  • Waste of Money, effort, and time

Steps to Take to Avoid Duplicate Content

Copied content can be really dangerous for your website. It fails your SEO strategy, no matter how useful your SEO strategy is. Here are few steps that you can take to avoid the copied or duplicate content.

1. Avoid Multiple URLs:

Make sure you reduce the website URLs with similar content. Google algorithm will get confused about which URL to be ranked first. This will make it difficult to rank your website on Google.

2. Redirects:

Use 301 redirects if necessary. Google will get confused when two similar URLs are loading with a different protocol. For example, HTTP and HTTPS are loading with the same URL in google. Make sure to remove this confusion by using 301 Redirects.

3. Use rel=“canonical”:

If two or multiple pages of your website contain the same content, make sure you tell Google that by using the rel=“canonical” attribute. If you will not mention to the Google crawler about similar content consequently, it might not rank either or gets confused while ranking your website.

Ready to optimize your content for your website? SEO services Omaha can benefit your business with professional and creative writers to write unique and SEO-optimized content. Let Omaha freelance copywriter help you curate high-quality and SEO-friendly content that will help you rank your website on the first page of Google. Make sure you are not copying content from anywhere. Duplicate or copied content is the death of your SEO strategy and will penalize your website forever.

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