How to Create and Verify Your Google My Business Listing

Your Google Business Profile can accomplish more than you might think. When your business profile is appropriately optimized, it displays your best aspects and makes it simple for buyers to find, learn about, and contact your business. To optimize your business profile accurately, you need to access and verify your profile with Google to make sure that you are the legitimate owner.

Creating a business profile is as easy as “step one to create, step two to claim, and step three to verify,” the procedure is neither that basic nor that direct – which, in case you are perusing this post, you have just figured out. It is because it requires two different Google platforms and three different Google account, all these accounts and platforms have the same names.


In this post, first, we are going to straighten out what is exactly in Google and then giving a clear command to create a Google My Business Account & Listing,  And how to claim and check your Business Profile on Google.

Why create a Google My Business Account?

It is simple for buyers to learn about, to discover, and contact your business online through your Google My Business Account. There are many advantages to using Google My Business Account. But one can also face the following disadvantages of not having a Business Account on Google.

Losing customers: As per a Bright Local study, 68% of the customers will quit utilizing a local business after finding the wrong data on the web. And without having a Google My Business Account, you don’t have command over the data showed in your Business Profile.

Risk a poor reputation: you can’t react to your Google reviews without owning a Google My Business Account. Reviews play a role in the Google ranking factor and on influencing consumer purchasing. Managing both factors is an absolute necessity.

Beating up your competitors: If you have a blank Business Profile and don’t care about your business, your consumers will less likely to trust you. And they will engage themselves with a Business Profile that has more rankings and good information.

Losing SERP Value:  Business Profiles are ranked by Google based on their quality. A Google Business Profile can be optimized to position it above the competitors for appropriate keyword searches.

What do you need to claim and verify your business on Google?

If you want to provide correct information, react to reviews, engage customers, and rank higher in local search creating and verifying the ownership of your Google My Business Account is important.

As stated earlier, this process involves two different Google platforms and three different Google accounts, both of which have similar names and some of you already have. Here are the instructions for your Google Account. If you feel this exhausting process, Hire a professional Digital Marketing Agency!


Google Account: To access Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs, and Gmail you create a free account with Google. Any email can be used to create a Google Account. Mostly two standard Google Account is created by business owners, one for their business and the other one for their personal use.

Business Profile:  This is your free business resource on Google that shows up on Google Maps, the right-hand knowledge Panel of Google search, and the local result of Google Search.

Google My Business Account: Your Google Business Account is a free account that allows you to manage and upgrade your business profile.

How to verify your business on Google?

The objective is to increase full access to your Business Profile on Google.

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The method by which you do this is by your Google My Business Account, which you set up for using a Standard Business Account. Following are the steps to complete the process for the verification:

  1. Ensure you have a standard Google Account for your Business.
  2. Ensure you have a Business profile.
  3. Make a Google My Business Account.
  4. Request to declare your Business Profile.
  5. Verify the ownership of the business.

Now, you are ready to efficiently verify and claim your business on Google. Read the below-stated steps carefully to avoid creating duplicate accounts and hitting roadblocks.

Step 1: Ensure you have a Google Account for your Business

Make sure that your business account is not your personal-use Google account. Follow the following steps if you don’t have a Google Account for your Business.

  1. Go to in.
  2. Click “Create Account”.
  3. Select “To manage my business” from a drop-down with two options.
  4. Add the necessary information.

Step 2: Ensure you have a Business Profile

The official term used for your Google Business Listing is your Business Profile. Google My Business Accounts are separate from Google Business Profiles. Without Google My Business Account, a Business Profile can exist on its own. The issue with this is that the business owner does not influence the data in that Business Profile until they guarantee it and this is done through Google My Business. The main concern is to ensure you have a business profile to guarantee once you have set up your Google My Business Account.

If you have previously created a business profile, switch to step 4. Follow the following steps if you are not sure.

To create and check a business profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for your business name.
  3. On the off chance that your business name populates in the drop-down with a location close to it, this implies that your business profile exists already. Proceed onward to step#4.

If your business profile does not show with an address in the drop-down, select it.

  1. Choose “Add a missing place”.
  2. Provide the asked data.

Step 3:  Sign up for Google My Business Account

Follow the steps for signing up for Google My Business Account:

  1. Ensure that you are into the standard Google Account for your business.
  2. Go to
  3. Choose “Manage Now”.
  4. Provide the following data that Google asks for
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Contact number
  • Delivery area (if necessary)
  • Category


Step 4:  Request to verify your Business Profile

Your Google My Business Account will not connect to your Business Profile. Ask Google to connect both accounts. This is done by verifying ownership of your business. Start by locating by Business Profile on Google Map and request to verify it. This can be done by one of the two ways.

 Claim request – Method 1:

  1. Look for your business name and location on Find the “own this business?” option on the right side of your business profile and select it.
  2. Proceed to the screen that shows “Manage this business so you can reply to reviews, update info, and more.”
  3. Click on “Manage Now” and follow the prompts to verify your business.

Claim request – Method 2:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your business name.
  3. Click on your Business profile which will open a drop-down.
  4. Click on “claim this business”.
  5. Click “Manage now” and follow the prompts again.

Step 5:  Verify the ownership of the business

Click on “Manage Now” and fill in the asked information to prove that you are the owner of the business. You may get validated if you have a business profile and you are signed in into Google My Business Account. Google will send you a verification code if you are not the owner of the Business Profile. You may receive the verification code via text or mail depending on your security requirement.

Enter the code once you receive the verification code, you will have full access to your Business Profile on Google. Now you can manage the update information and reviews, and optimize it for the local market.

Take the time to verify your business on Google:


Make sure to follow the above steps if you want to reach your audience and attract customers with your free Business Profile. Begin your business with creating, claiming, and verifying through Google My Business today.

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