Video Content: An Essential Element to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, The requirement for having a solid computerized impression is like never before previous days. Gone are the days while having an online presence used to be an untimely idea. The quantity of organizations and businesses competing for the attention of buyers is increasing as time passes. To make your business stand apart from the opposition, you have to come up with a ground-breaking Digital Marketing Strategy that mainly focusing on critical and technical areas. Content is the core of any Digital Marketing Strategy and everything else revolves around it.


You need to make convincing and intriguing content to increase the engagement of your targeted audience. Prior this would mean composing significant blog posts writings and articles, Although, times are changing and they’re changing for the great. To drive more engagement, businesses around the globe are introducing video for their digital marketing strategy Businessesunderstand that simply posting fascinating composed content won’t help them with taking advantage of the genuine capability of digital marketing.

So in this article, we are going to highlight 5 best types of video content for your future consideration, content gathered by Right Eye Marketing Team:

  • How-to-do Videos

At whatever point you launch a new product item, make sure to make instructional recordings to guarantee that your buyers have all the assistance they need when utilizing it. Instructional recordings demonstrate a procedure, encourage information move, clarify an idea in detail, or tell the best way to accomplish something. Request a worker to make a video that shows the product item being used. If you have assistance, record a video highlighting how it functions.

  • Testimonials Videos:

Testimonials help in building trust which is the way to achieve the loyalty of your customers and what’s a superior method of showcasing your contributions than posting videos of genuine customers praising the ideals of your products. At whatever point if you hold a workshop or some other occasion, demand participants to record a speedy 30-45 second video for your business. Presenting video testimonials on various platforms, for example, YouTube and social media pages will assist in building marking esteem.

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  • Video Direct Mail Advertisement:

A video direct mail advertisement is like an online direct mail advertisement with a significant contrast being its capacity to give a more extravagant media experience. Video direct mail advertisements are generally inserted on landing pages that connect with an ordering device. A video direct-mail advertising can be made with a PowerPoint introduction and sound portrayal.


  • BTS

To drive engagement of your audience you have to include them and cause them to feel a part of your extended business family. You have to think about the stakeholders of your customers, not simply buyers. To make an emotional connection with your target audience, Behind the scenes videos can assist you with building up your USP regardless of how huge or little your business. Behind the scenes will give a glimpse of your operations and culture..


To increase value, make item demo recordings that show the item in the most ideal way. Before purchasing an item or availing any service, numerous purchasers would need to see it in a working state. While making an item video, there are numerous factors to think about, for example, moderate lighting and sound. A video creation company can assist you in considering every contingency and present the item in a way that urges possibilities to buy.

Why Video Content?

A study shows that watchers hold 95 percent of a message in a video contrasted with only 10 percent when perusing it in text. In a different report, 72 percent of the respondents said that they’d lean toward finding out about an item or service through video. Video gives clear, significant information that helps the buyer to settle for the right purchasing choices. The video makes a convincing pitch by slicing through the clutter, helping you express what is on your mind without wasting any time. No big surprise that around 87 percent of organizations use video as a marketing tool. On a landing page including an item video can increase conversion by an incredible 80 percent. An investigation found that around 74 percent of individuals who watch an item video like to buy it. It isn’t difficult to make sense of why video content snaps. The human mind is intended to transmit visual information.

Effective video promoting content can create essentially more trust than text or infographics. A study shows that higher than 50 percent of purchasers feel increasingly sure purchasing an item as the result of watching an excellent video on the business’ page. Trust is the way to customer loyalty. Quit trying extremely hard to just sell. Rather, give your possible accurate information that they’re searching for. Make videos that lighten up feelings and emotions. Make promotional videos that address concerning online cheating, fraud, and bullying.


Videos recordings help in increasing engagement. A study shows that having a video on a site can build the chance of the business ranking on the first page in Google searches up to 53 times. Your guests investing more energy in your site is a sign to search engine that it has quality content. To use your video content, utilize fascinating titles, and depictions. Give your guests all the assistance that they may require. Connect and link every one of your video recordings back to your site, items, and services.

Cell phone users are expanding rapidly as time passes. Around 90 percent of cell phone users watch video recordings on their cell phones.  A study predicts that around 72 percent of users of the Internet will utilize only their cell phones to get to the web by 2025. To increase the engagement of your target audience, you need to come up with customized cell phone video campaigns. If you want to build your brand and promote your business through video marketing, Contact us now.

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