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Marketing Ideas for your business

Your business can generate more leads and increase online sales by using the best marketing strategies. A marketing idea and strategy is important to promote your business and reach your target audience.

Here are five creative marketing ideas that will help boost the business.

  • Social Media Marketing ideas
  • Urban Marketing Ideas
  • Contest Marketing Ideas
  • Marketing Ideas for Contest Promotion
  • Content Marketing Ideas

1. Social Media Marketing Ideas:

  • Keep social tabs on competitors: follow the Pages to View feature on your Facebook business page. This feature will help to follow your competitors and see which post gets the maximum likes and shares and what posts they share. Follow their leads and see which idea will work.
  • Join in on weekly hashtag themes: you need to be the active participant for using social media to increase your social media following. Post regularly on the social media accounts and also connect to on fun weekly social media tradition that contains loyal viewers.
  • Pin your own images: consider the importance of image sharing site. Post your strongest visuals like templates, or infographics, etc on the Pinterest account and attach a link to the webpages to gain more traffic.

2. Urban Marketing Media:

Some creative ideas can emerge by living in a concrete jungle.

  • Unusual sponsorships: some serious marketing opportunities result in urban living. Think creatively to capitalize on these marketing opportunities.
  • Use the surrounding: be a little more creative and imaginative to think about how you can use a surrounding to create a marketing strategy.
  • Commission a mural: decorate the side of the noteworthy building with a large mural by taking permission.

3. Contest Marketing Ideas:

  • Photo contests: photo contests provide a great form of user-generated contests to sponsors and they are very easy to enter (you can submit a photo on Instagram). The user-generated content can also be implemented and used somewhere else.
  • Video contests: it is not easy for every one person to participate in the video contest. Creating a video needs more hard work and you can get a high caliber of content. This content can be valuable to the businesses that are under progress particularly if the experienced filmmakers are creating the video content.
  • Caption Contests: Post an image and ask the audience to come up with the best caption.
  • Submit your vote contests: Voting contests are easy to participate with just a click of a button. You can create mini data research about the data obtained from the submitted votes.

4. Marketing Ideas for Contest Promotions:

  • Offer bonus points for sharing: if you offer bonus points to the users for sharing the contest news through social media than they are more likely to be recognized. Different tools like Rafflecopter provide extra entries to the users for different options. (for example: joining the mailing lists will offer +5 entries and sharing the contest on Twitter will offer +2 entries.
  • Promote your contest on all social media: if you are taking part in a photo contest on Instagram, don’t forget to promote your photo contest on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. All the followers of your social media contest should know about your greatest giveaway.
  • Hashtag your contest: Inserting a suitable hashtag to your contest will keep your entry record. It also makes it easier to scan through and organize.
  • Share the contest: click on Share this Contest option if you have a sharing entry on the website. Or generally share the contest on social media. The more sharing of the contest, the better for you.

5. Content Marketing Ideas:

  • Write for your audience: it is important to understand your audience and write for them. Your content addresses your audience’s concerns and needs.
  • Add a visual element to your content: adding a lot of text can bore your audience. Add images between your text to break your paragraphs and let your audience to read. Consider adding visual elements in your content to attract more audiences even in blog posts.
  • Useful templates: adding templates is another important visual element that is very useful. Templates can help to create custom pieces without starting from scratch.
  • Graphs and charts: adding graphs and charts are also important visual elements that can be added to the content. They do not need much effort and requires less time to create. But infographics are more impressive. A graph will be more helpful to the visual learners that long text paragraphs.
  • Videos: a video is the best marketing strategy for promoting a new service or product. It greatly catches the attention of users. The percentage of visual information can be 65% as compared to 10% for text information. Video content is a great marketing tool to show how your products will work and to educate visitors.
  • Infographics: infographics are great for a visual display of information or data. Insert good infographics by using Powerpoint in your data. Various infographics guide templates are also available.

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