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10 Instagram Growth Hacks for Businesses

Nowadays, a widespread query that is being searched on Google is “marketing agencies near me”. The reason correlates to the digitalization of the world. Therefore, Businesses are searching for ways to enhance their online presence and grow on social media platforms. However, here we will focus on Instagram growth hacks to grow your business.

Due to consistent updates in the Instagram algorithm, it seems impossible to master the art of Instagram growth. However there is always ways and guidelines that you can follow, some Instagram growth hacks can be used to increase followers, engagement, and profitability without trying to do anything new. Partner with digital marketing agency California and create a wonderful Instagram strategy and influence buying decisions of people.

Here are 10 Instagram growth hacks that will take your Instagram business strategy to new heights.

1. Develop a Growth Hacking Strategy for Instagram:

To achieve your Instagram growth goals, it is best to plan an in-depth Instagram growth hack strategy. Set specific goals for your Instagram account, including how many followers you would like to have, as well as how many sales and leads you to hope to achieve.

For maximum engagement with your target audience, you should develop a content creation strategy. The content within a page is often what attracts people to follow it. Invest in graphics artists and videographers to ensure even better brand perception with your audience. Our social media marketing California based agency will conceptualize your Instagram roadmap to Increase leads, sales & revenue.

Post photos or videos that would appeal to your target audience. In addition to deciding what type of content to include in your website, you should also decide how to approach content generated by your customers and users. However, bombarding the content with sales pitches is boring for people. Try to mix things a bit.

2. Come Up With A Strategy For Your Instagram Captions:

It is a great idea to come up with captions for Instagram that will capture your audiences’ attention. Consider using emojis that correspond to your post’s description or emotions. If your customers and employees consent, use tags to highlight their best qualities. Customers and clients will enjoy knowing about the people behind your company.

3. Use Hashtags Strategically:

Another way to increase Instagram followers is by strategically using hashtags, which serve as a searching tool to grow your following. In addition to branded hashtags, there are campaign and community hashtags.

A branded hashtag easily identifies your business or organization and allows users to readily associate it with it. Through this hashtag, users can quickly check their Instagram account’s archive of past posts.

An Instagram post should contain at least 5-10 hashtags and the comments should also contain an additional five. You can save successful hashtags using tools like Preview and Later. Maximize your social media presence with social media marketing California based organizations and leverage the use of professionals.

4. Use Instagram Pay-Per-Click Promotion:

In comparison with organic efforts to grow the audience, paid advertising may not even seem worth it. However, it has proven indispensable because of the changing landscape of social media and its algorithms.

Paid Instagram advertising expands the reach of your brand to demographics you may not have previously known. Instagram’s ad revenue is forecast to reach $12.32 million this year, which highlights the platform’s worth as a strategy for brands.

Additionally, you might want to advertise on Facebook with your Instagram ads. Leverage the use of world-class social media services in Omaha to amplify growth and social media following.

5. Become a pro at Instagram Stories and Instagram TV:

You can increase a post’s audience by cross-promotion via both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, story highlights can be used to highlight your best stories, which could be an excellent way to keep users engaged. Plus, IGTV allows users to include videos in stories and posts, enabling longer-form content to be more visible and more engaging for followers.

Social media algorithms tend to prioritize live streams that brands promote. Now that Instagram is talking about moving live streams to IGTV, you may want to explore how this could potentially benefit your business by adding a new button feature that allows viewers to watch and view videos more easily.

Promoting user-generated content via Instagram stories is a great way to increase engagement. It can be part of your social proof if, for instance, a customer attends a fitness class in your gym and features how motivated they are afterwards, tagging you on social media.

6. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing strategies should be developed by identifying influencers that are relevant to your niche and share similar goals and interests. Intellifluence, for instance, is a helpful influencer search tool that can help with this essential step and ultimately save a lot of time. You can also search for hashtags that are popular in your industry, and engage with accounts that are related, but not in direct competition, to your business.

7. Share your tweets on Instagram

Additionally, you can cross-promote your social media accounts and expand your followers’ base when you include your Twitter handle and the Twitter logo with your posts. Furthermore, creating new content is a great way to maintain organic reach, especially if you don’t post for a while. You should consider all that you do to share answers, ask questions, and post content that amazes people. Social media marketing California will connect you with customers our result drive strategies can convert you into a successful conglomerate.

8. Start Conversations In Comments:

Sadly, many people don’t reply to their followers after they post in the discussion section. You can encourage engagement by commenting. A genuine connection with users is also formed by responding to their comments if they contain valuable advice.

9. Run An Instagram Prize Giveaway:

Instagram’s giveaways help you leverage user-generated content to spread brand awareness while triggering user-generated content. A giveaway loop strategy entails teaming up with other influential people to create a genuine and rewarding experience.

Thus, you can boost the engagement of the contest and save money by running the giveaway. To qualify for the prize, users will also need to like, share, and comment on the post of all the contest sponsors.

10. Keep a Balance Between Post Frequency:

Posting too often can bore the readers, similarly posting rarely also have the same effect. Therefore maintain a balance between two extremes. Keep them informed about the latest happenings in your business in a fun, engaging and entertaining way.

Final Words

Social media marketing California has a proven track record of success in the digital world. We can aid your businesses of any size to grow their fan base, engage customers, and attract new ones. Promote your brand and transform your business strategies with Right Eye Marketing Instagram Strategy.

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