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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies For 2021

Looking for a social media strategy 2021 to boost your online brand presence? Well, look no further. Because in this blog, you are going to learn 10 amazing and incredibly effective social media strategies that can help your business for sure.

1. High-Quality Engaging Content:

Engaging and high-quality content is the king. Creative content in the form of video is highly effective and intended to bring in more engagement for your brand online. Video marketing is considered the best social media marketing strategy in 2021. Consider using all famous video hosting platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Daily Motion, Vimeo, etc.

In 2021, add Tiktok and YouTube in your social media strategic planning as these platforms are a major hit. Instagram stepped in also by introducing a 15-sec reel where users can upload videos and scroll through.

2. Consider Relevant Target Audience:

When creating content for any platform, discover your target audience first. Make sure your content is relevant and people are interested in your content. Irrelevant content and an irrelevant target audience will surely not give you any engagement. Start exploring insights of your channel or pages to understand the target audience better.

Social media marketing strategy includes understanding your target audience while creating relevant, engaging, and helpful content for your audience.

3. Use Various Social Media Marketing Platforms:

Using various social media platforms allows you to connect with multiple demographical audiences, Facebook & YouTube are high-earning platforms and are vital when it comes to creating engaging content.

Tiktok holds the versatility of video content and has gained much fame in recent times. Pinterest offers unique presentations and useful content pins and boards. Linked In is a professional platform for educated people to connect.

4. Add Paid Ads into Your Social Media Strategy:

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads are the best options when it comes to reaching out to more relevant people who want to connect with your brand or business. Try paid marketing platforms and run your ads.

Facebook ads can target concerning demographics and interest-based audiences, linking Instagram pages and profiles. You can drive huge traffic flow from your social media platforms to your website or landing pages.

YouTube bumper ads are a unique add-on to YouTube paid marketing. 15 seconds ads are best when you want to introduce your brand to a maximum audience. You can think of 5 seconds ads on YouTube and Facebook as well.

5. Consider Content Themes:

What type of content you should be considering for your social media marketing strategy for 2021?
Here are the content themes you need to know:

Short Videos: Create and post short videos on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Posting personal and personalized content both are effective in getting maximum engagement online.
Consider analyzing the content of your rivals online. You can create better content than your competitor and let people find it useful. Try to curate your content ideas and transform them into videos, gifs, images, and textual form.

6. Posting Schedule:

The posting schedule is one of the most important things in social media marketing. Analyze the time of your target audience when they are online the most. Post in the peak hours. Provide your audience and followers with fresh and useful content promptly. Follow any schedule so that people already know when your content is coming online.

Use social media tools to explore peak hours. According to the scheduling company Buffer, a report says that the best time to post on Facebook is 1 pm-3 pm during the week and Saturdays. They have also found the engagement rate much higher than the normal hours on Thursdays and Fridays.

If we talk about Instagram, the best time to post is 10 Am to 3 Pm CDT. On Wednesday and throughout the day, around 11 AM, and Friday from 10 AM to 11 AM are considered the best time to post content on a social media platform for better engagement.

7. Keep Changing and Evolving:

Adopt a new social media marketing strategy and plan a new content calendar if the old strategy isn’t working. Analyze the campaign thoroughly and see what went wrong or why the old campaigns couldn’t get you the results you wanted. Analyze your metrics and insights to understand better.

8. Social Platforms as Shopping Channels:

Use your social media channels as shopping channels and let people buy things from you online. Establish Instagram shopping or Facebook shop to make the shopping process easy. Displaying new products and selling them could be the best social media strategy for your business in 2021.

Optimize your social media channels on a timely basis to get maximum online reach. With over 100 million active users on Pinterest, utilize this platform to showcase as many products as you want.

9. Live Sessions:

Go live on social media platforms and connect with your followers. Tell them a story or let them share what they like about you and what future content they want you to create for them.
You can talk on various topics like interviews with experts, product launches, contests and rewards, giveaways, tips, and tricks.

If you want your social media strategy to work in 2021 well, it is recommended that you utilize the live option simultaneously after certain time breaks.

10. Giveaways and Contests:

Offer giveaways and contests to let people win something. Offer them gifts and rewards for following your brand’s social media channels pages. This could be your best social media strategy for 2021 so far.

Social media platforms have the power to let you reach millions of people around the world. If you are looking to boost your brand’s reach on social media platforms, create valuable content and ask your followers to engage in a fun activity to do. Connect with your followers by diversifying your content at their level.

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