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Ways to Effectively Promote a New Product

Launching and promoting a new brand or service requires a lot of hard work than giving up a new idea about a new brand or service. If your brand or service is not promoted in the way it reaches its target audience than your business has a lot to suffer. It could also possibly end up losing all the money that is invested. Many businesses are making new strategies about the products and services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Effectively promoting new brands and services will generate large revenue for your business with the help of any specialized digital agency.

There are endless options to promote a new brand or service for the business. The first important step is to figure out how to initiate and which promotion methods can benefit you. There are many cost-effective methods of promotion depending on the audience, offerings, and industry.

The following are the 6 ways to effectively promote a new brand and service.

1. Offer an Exclusive Preview:

Loyal customers play an integral role in promoting the product. They not only make a purchase but also spread and promote the product in their network. This type of promotion can be in-person, private, a virtual pre-party, an online tour, a demo, or a preview. Customers can also suggest other audience to try the product and give a response. These exclusive offerings to faithful customers can help them to maintain their loyalty.

2. Provide a Special Introductory Offer:

Make the new product or service more valuable to the customers by offering them a special introductory offer. This special introductory offer can be in the form of:

  • Discount price

  • Create a strong strategy with any digital agency.

  • Free special gifts for every referral

  • Decreased-rate package

  • Buy one get one deal

  • Joint promotion with another business

  • Coupon or voucher on making a purchase

  • Double the points for a loyalty program

No matter what deal you are offering, make sure to the audience that this deal will not keep going forever. Customers will urge to buy if their purchase power is limited.

3. Host an Event:

Host an event that will create excitement among the audience about your new brand or service. It is a great way to personally engage with your audience or other employees to get a new prospect and to make them your customers.

Events should be organized properly and should be simple as an open house and should be located near other businesses such as spas, retail stores, salons, fitness centers, and yoga studios, etc. You can collaborate with other local businesses to have a sidewalk sale to draw the attention of the audience.

Virtual events can be helpful for an effective promotion during the pandemic. You can:

  • Demo your product live on Facebook Live sessions and featuring its importance.

  • Host a Q/A session on the product either live or recorded with any Digital Agency.

  • Provide your product or service to a blogger who can help promote your business.


4. Allow Trade-ins:

Consider a trade-in program if your new product or service is the upgrade version of your previous product or service. Trade-in promotions are very effective as the customers purchase a new product through using a token or credit card. Resell the old trade-in products to customers or the products can also be used for future giveaways.

5. Share Customer Feedback:

The best way to promote your new service or product is to let the customers promote your business in their network with the help of any digital agency. You can ask your customers to write an online review related to your product or service for recommendation by offering them a free trial or an upgrade. Feedbacks and testimonials can be used as useful tools for promoting your product to the audience. About 84% of customers follow online feedbacks as a recommendation to buy a service or a product.

6. Post on Social Media:

Make sure to promote your new service or new product on your social media accounts. This is one of the easiest ways to target the audience. The audience can repost your product or service to their profiles. Customers can also inquire about the service or product in the comments sections. These question answers can serve as a survey of your product and service. You can also attach the link that can link to the product with additional information.

You can also insert a custom hashtag in the promotion post if you have a loyal audience. These custom hashtags will not only expend the reach of your campaigns but also encourage the customer to report on their profiles by using hashtags. Customer-generated content can attract more customers to try your new service or brand. Contact Right Eye Marketing (Digital Agency) for quick free business plan and marketing strategy.

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