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Social media is an important part of your business marketing strategy. The goal of social media platforms is to raise awareness about the brand, services, and products. Many small businesses neglect the importance of using social platforms to promote their business. Various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer a unique set of benefits to engage their audience.

The best effective way to narrow down the option to choose platforms is to understand your potential customers. This will help you to limit your focus on your goals that compliment your business needs.

Here are three basic steps to determine which social media platform will work for your business.

1. Identify Your Target Audience:

The first important step is to identify your target audience. Be as specific as possible as it helps you make your decision easier. Identify your audience by considering the following questions in mind.

  • Who are your target customers?
  • Which platforms they are using the most?
  • What actions they are making on a platform?
  • How are they connecting with the platform?

Focus on the key demographics of the audience such as gender, location, age, and income, etc to build a smart strategy for choosing your right audience. Also, check out which platforms are used by the competitors to interact and engage the audience.

2. Define Your Objectives:

Define your objectives for the audience once you know about your target audience. There are many creative goals for social media but the primary goal is to drive sales by attracting your target customers. There are several uses of social media used by the brands; some use social media for customer support, some use social media for brand recognition, some use social media to build friendly relationships with the customers.

Perform your business audit starting with recognizing gaps in your market plans. Identify the following gaps in your current market plan.

  • Is there a need to improve customer service?
  • Is there a need to build customer loyalty?
  • Is there a need to increase traffic to the website?
  • Is there a need to perform market research?

Rather than defining your goals in terms of reaching the audience, focus on which platform will increase engagement with the audience. Put in order the objectives of your social media marketing plan with the platform that goes with your goals.

3. Find Your Audience:

After the goals have been defined and you have your audience profiled, now there is a need to find your audience. Look at the demographics of the users on each platform to determine the most used platform by the audience. Also, consider how active your audience is on a particular platform. For instance, many users do have their Facebook profiles but they are mostly active on Instagram.

Apart from studying the demographics of the audience and interaction with the audience, also observe how the customers are using the platforms.

Find your audience by following the guide to some of the major social media platforms.

  • Facebook:

Facebook has over 1.3 billion users that are quite larger than the population of China. It is very important to know how users are using Facebook. Either to keep contact with friends or to build relationships. Thus, this makes Facebook a great platform to build the loyalty of existing customers.

Carefully consider your business goals once you access Facebook as a potential platform. The drawback of Facebook is that due to its large number of users it may be a difficult task to reach a new audience and your posts have a restricted reach within your network.

  • Twitter:

Twitter is the best social platform to raise awareness about your brand. Twitter uses the hashtag by which you can learn what people are talking about. So you can compose your tweets to take part in conversations. The importance of doing so is that twitter can offer insight into what topics are trending.

  • Pinterest:

Pinterest is used to save content by “pinning” a photo on a virtual bulletin board. The use of Pinterest is dominated by female users. The most common pins on Pinterest are style ideas, recipes, DIY crafts, and striking photographs. Pinterest is basically a visual-based social platform that uses strong graphics to engage users.

  • Instagram:

Instagram is a visual-based platform just like Pinterest. Instagram is the fastest growing platform among a young audience. Instagram also depends on photos for starting a conversation. It is also the best platform for visual-based businesses like food, art, retail, and beauty.

  • YouTube

YouTube possess a large number of audience and its reach is extended very far. YouTube is a very important source of “How-to” videos for the adult population. This platform is best for service industry businesses that offer this type of content.

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