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8 E-commerce Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

As the holiday season approaches, consumers are in a cheerful spirit, hunting for discounts and products for their friends and family members. Online shoppers take advantage of these sales opportunities. There are a lot of deals around the holiday season and there is stiff competition, so buyers are looking for good deals and good discounts.

Then, how can you then motivate your customers to buy from your e-commerce platform instead of your competitors?  Well, if you are thinking about all these things and want to take lead in boosting holiday sales with the help of digital marketing strategist in Omaha from your market rivals, then this blog is for you.

These 8 tips will boost your e-commerce sales during the holidays, but you will likely have to put in some fine-tuning, redesigning research, and targeted advertising.

1. Optimize All Mobile Marketing Strategies:

People are swamped with duties and errands as the holidays approach. People who are always on the move will find mobile shopping to be a convenient solution to holiday shopping.

You should make sure your website is accessible from different mobile devices. The mobile version of the site needs to scroll down without distorting on mobile devices.

It will require some extra effort on the part of your developers, but it will play a key role in customers sticking around or switching to a more convenient and mobile-responsive site.

2. Create a Cost-effective Plan for Holiday Promotion:

There are only a handful of days each year during which things go crazy from almost all e-commerce merchants.  Our click-to-buy button goes haywire on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

What is the first step in planning? Establish your holiday campaign budget comes first. Ensure you get your holiday marketing budget from digital marketing agency in Omaha and make sure it coincides with your business objectives. Depending on whether you are trying to increase repeat purchases or find new customers, your costs may vary.

3. Make SEO Changes:

SEO has become a powerful strategy to widen your reach and grow your online business, the same goes for online E-commerce stores that are looking to make big sales on holidays.

There is no doubt that SEO is on the back burner during festive events, but regardless of how much revenue your online store generates, never underestimate the value of search engine optimization.

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means you need to revamp your SEO tactics with the aid of SEO company California to achieve better rankings and more conversions to make a considerable impact on the bottom line.

4. The Call to Action:

On holiday breaks people are shooting for bug purchases. They are hunting for gift, clothes, and other things at discounted prices.  That’s why it is important to include persuasive calls to action (CTAs) on your web page. Consumers have short attention spans, and call-to-actions allow them to make a quick choice before they visit another e-commerce website.

You should use engaging CTAs, in bright and vibrant fonts, with terms like ‘Order Now,’ ‘Special Deal,’ ‘Till Stocks Run Out,’ and ‘Hurry, Only Limited Stock Available,’ to lure people to your stores and convert it to get more orders.

5. Don’t Make People Wait:

A two-second page loading time is expected by most consumers, particularly in this digital age. Online shoppers’ patience rapidly runs out during the holiday shopping season, when they are under pressure. And the last thing an e-commerce company can afford is to turn away a sales lead because of a slow loading page.

If your store takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load, consumers will not care about merchandise will and move on to another site. As a result of a higher bounce rate, not only will your customers leave your site, but the high bounce rate will adversely affect your search engine rankings eventually.

6. Don’t Forget the Specials:

Are you fishing to thrive in your e-commerce revenue this year? Or thinking about how can you pique the curiosity of people saturated the e-commerce market? Here is one way to do it.  Give a deal to consumers that will make them feel that they will be missing out if they do not buy from you.

Offer them discounts of 20% or 70% off for today only! There could be discounts on individual items or a purchase-one-get-one-free promotion that would prompt customers to buy.

Free delivery can also help keep consumers engaged and encourage them to purchase more products than they planned on. Promote product upgrades and cross-sales that are intriguing. The customer will be pleased with the decision they made and you will have a higher product value.

7. Individualize the Customer Experience:

Personalizing the user experience at holiday time can be a game-changer for your online sales. Personalized offers have been shown to increase consumers’ response rates by 4%. A study by the same company found that nearly 50% of respondents expect communications to be tailored to their needs.

8. Give Festive Facelift to Your Landing Pages:

Infuse the spirits of holidays in your landing pages. A great-looking site with a terrific presentation will gain more traffic, but it will also lead to higher conversion rates. You can get traction for people by designing your homepages with holiday-themed graphics. Get your desired landing pages from Graphic designing expert in Omaha.

The color red draws buyers to your website, keeps them there longer, and makes them more likely to buy. Include plenty of white space to display your content and merchandise. Use videos or add holiday-themed touches like frosty images to instill a holiday blend into your website pages.

How Do You Plan to Upgrade Your Ecommerce Store This Holiday Season?

You need to identify where your brand-building is lacking during the holidays to better serve your customers.  With a solid, proactive promotional approach  & responsive marketing plan from digital marketing company in Omaha, you can outrun your rival and boost your brand plausibility.


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