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Setting Up Your Facebook ads in 6 Steps - Right Eye Marketing

Facebook is one of the best social media networks for businesses and companies to reach potential customers. A single user spends approximately 40 minutes a day on Facebook. Don’t you want your business to reach the customer in those 40 minutes?

Social Media Marketing Services Omaha: Facebook Marketing & its Significance

A simple way to do that is Facebook ads because millions of users are browsing through every second. Billions of posts and videos are being uploaded every hour. It’s quite an effective marketing platform for any business. With the help of the best digital marketing agency Omaha, we are going to discuss how you can reach your potential customers by setting up your Facebook ads in 6 incredibly easy steps.

Step 1: Choosing an objective

Choosing an objective is the basic and first step while setting Facebook ads. It is categorized into 3 sub-objectives. Awareness, Traffic Ads, and Conversion.

  • Awareness:

If you want to let people know that you are on Facebook, you should select awareness as an objective for your ads.

✔ Brand Awareness

✔ showing your ad to the maximum number of people on Facebook

  • Consideration:

You want to let people interact with your business by running various types of ads that are explained below:

✔ Traffic: if you want to get a maximum number of people to visit your website or online store, you should select traffic as your primary objective.

✔App Installs: This objective lets people interact with your ad by downloading your app.

✔messages: if you want to reach out to people who are more likely to send messages to your business and inquire about your products/services

✔video views: by choosing this objective, people will watch the video.

✔Engagement: if you want more likes, comments, and shares of your post

✔Leads Generation: if you want to collect maximum data of people who are interested in your products.

  • Conversion:

You want your targeted audience to purchase from your business, select conversion as your objective. It is categorized further into two categories.

✔catalog Sale: if you are running an eCommerce shop, selecting this as your objective allows people to see several products in the catalog and make a purchase.

✔store traffic: choose this objective if you want people to visit your physical store location.

Step 2: Campaign creation:

Create a campaign and name it. Give your campaigns meaningful names so that you identify relevant campaigns while running multiple campaigns. Social media marketing services in Omaha can help you create a powerful Facebook ads campaign in few minutes.

Step 3: Target Audience:

Now choose your targeted audience wisely. Choose your targeted audience according to your desired age, area, hobbies, interests, gender, and occupation.

Step 4: Ad placements

Select the ad placements where you want your ads to appear. You can select a device type, platform, and website placements.

Step 5: setting up your budget and duration

Choose a daily or total/lifetime budget for your campaign. Set the duration from when to ending date – you want to run your ad.

Step 6: Creating ads

In the ad sets, you can create multiple ads according to your business requirement. Write a powerful and selling ad copy, use a strong creative/custom image or video to attract people, and use the call to action CTA at the end.

Once you create ad successfully, you can publish it so that your selected targeted audience can see it.

You can run multiple ad types that include video ads, image ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, messenger ads, instant experience ads, and story ads.

Starting your ads today, learn from Right Eye Marketing instantly how to run Facebook ads effectively. Finding a digital marketing agency near me can help you create highly engaging Facebook ads.

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