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Benefits of Setting up Google Tag Manager

To maximize your website output, tracking is a significant part of digital marketing. It helps you improve your website layout and other elements that further can enhance your website results. Google Analytics is one of the best and renowned tools that help in measuring website statistics in terms of users, their locations, and interests.

Google tags which are being placed in the website headers track and send data reports to Google analytics. Using the Google Analytics dashboard, you can view a lot of factors and their impacts on your website. You can track traffic, leads, and conversions and later can target them through retargeting ads in Google ads.

In this post, one of our digital marketing specialists in Omaha will be discussing how important the Google tag manager is and what are the main benefits of installing it on your website.

Google Tag Manager is a free tool from Google that helps you create and manage tags for your website. Tags are snippets of code that pull information about your website and send it to a program where you can access it.

How do you define Google Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is a free tool that helps you create and measure information about your website. It tells you how many visitors your website is getting regularly and where are they from. Google Tag Manager not only measure website traffic but also stores information about the user so that you can use that data to improve your marketing and SEO strategy in the future.


Main benefits of installing Google Tag Manager:

Installing Google tag manager can benefit your business and websites. Here are some of the top benefits that you will get after installing Google Tag Manager.

1. No or little technical knowledge would work:

You don’t need to be a developer or some website professional while installing Google Tag Manager. If you are working alone, you can simply install a tag in the head section of your website, and whoa, it is live on your website or you can ask your marketing team to place the code in the head tag of your website.

2. Enhance Loading Time:

When Google Tag Manager is placed on your website, it helps the website load other codes which you’ve already installed for various purposes. It helps them load quickly.  You can set the priority of the tags which to fire first while loading the website.

3. Works for All:

Google Tag Manager works for all sorts of websites from standard websites to AMP sites (Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and mobile apps. You can alter or change the Google Tag Manager in mobile apps as you want.

4. Customized Data Tracking:

Google Tag Manager benefits you with custom data tracking. You can track various aspects of your website by creating desired property in the Google Analytics tool. You can track bounce rate, landing pages, incoming traffic locations, in-depth traffic sources, and much more in Google Analytics. All of the data is gathered and stored by Google Tag Manager. You can also test how well your website is performing and how people are interacting with landing pages.

If you are having difficulty in customized tracking, web development professionals at the best digital marketing agency in Omaha can create custom data tracking fields for you.

5. Data Tools:

Google Tag Manager can be integrated with several famous tools like Adobe Analytics, Twitter, Salesforce, and many others.

6. Error Checking Assistant:

Google Tag Manager checks for errors before adding itself to the website. In the debug preview, it checks for errors when it goes live. You can remove or close all other tags which are firing on any page.

Drawbacks of Google Tag Manager:

With several benefits, Google Tag Manager comes up with a few drawbacks that you should be aware of. Let’s discuss them here:

  • Advance or technical knowledge required when managing multiple tags on the website
  • If you want to track complex data attributed like conversions through pages and leads, you might need to know how tags normally work
  • To integrate Google Tag Manager with some other applications or development tools, you might need to contact a professional web development company in Omaha
  • While working with Google ads, you need to generate reports each day to improve your ad results. You should get some knowledge from experts about how Tags can help in generating results for retargeting ads.

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