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We are in the midst of the holiday season. It’s never too late to take your e-commerce business to another level before the year ends. Christmas sales account for 40% of all retail sales according to NRF. Just picture how much extra money you can make during the holiday shopping season by leveraging the power of last-minute sales.  You can meet your customers’ requirements, cater to their needs, and increase your bottom line with the below listed 5 Christmas sales ideas.

1. Social Media Advertising and Promotions:

Do you know that 78% of users and customers make purchasing decisions by seeing the company’s social media posts? Get high quality social media marketing services from Right Eye Marketing.

The majority of shoppers say social networks play a role in making buying decisions during the holiday season, according to a survey conducted by a renowned marketing group. Social media is a great way to connect with customers, enhance engagement, promote your brand and its features, and inform the consumers about your discounts offers, and Christmas special offers.

For last-minute Christmas shoppers, it’s a great opportunity to find all the gifts and necessities for the holiday quickly and without a hassle. Moreover, they will be able to see plenty of opinions and information that will benefit their decision-making process.

2. Buy One, Get One Free:

Every customer understands the value of ‘free’. Adding more products or services to an existing business can lead to a larger number of customers spending which means more business. In addition, consumers value freebies more than price reductions or discount offers.

For instance, a dentist can include a complimentary tooth whitening service during the first visit. With a small loss of income, dentists can gain new customers for years to come. Promos can introduce customers to brands they may have never encountered before. For example, a therapist who offers free sessions would make customers end up wanting more next time.

3. Recurring Sale:

You can predict consumer response to future promotions based on past promotion success. For instance, Nordstrom fans have been trained to look forward to year-end sales and mid-year sales.

Creating a repeating campaign—such as an anniversary discount, a holiday promotion, or a monthly deal on a single product teaches customers to take advantage of good deals.

For businesses, recurring revenue can provide stability, enabling them to plan their marketing and sales efforts efficiently and to analyze sales figures with accuracy. Furthermore, sales are not the norm, but the exception.

4. Gift Wrapping and Free Shipping:

At the last minute before Christmas, customers who find themselves in a rush can be tempted by a gift wrap service. This makes it easier and more time-efficient to buy all the gifts and wrap them at the same time. It’s also a great chance for you to earn additional revenue, increase the average order value and boost sales during the holiday season. Hence, it’s a profitable scenario for everyone.

Free shipping service is quite a turn-on for the customers. When shopping from a retailer, 93% prefer to get free shipping. Free shipping is usually available with orders over a certain price point. Free shipping, let you gain more business from existing customers and can help gain new leads as well.

5. Flash sale:

One of the oldest tricks in the sales promotion book is the chance to save money if you act quickly. Have you ever seen a TV commercial that promised a fantastic discount “For a limited time only”? Or “valid for seven days”!

Flash sales come with a lot of perks on so many levels for small businesses. An exciting flash sale catches the eye and generates engagement because of its “wow” effect. Hence, it accelerates profit, motivating buyers to purchase. Therefore, flash sales generate an immediate influx of sales, enabling retailers to quickly increase revenue during the holiday season.

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