Best Social Media Analysis: Facebook vs. Instagram

There is no doubt that each social media platform has its benefits and strengths. The same is the case for Facebook and Instagram; each platform has its pros and cons that need to be considered before choosing one as your marketing arena. Your small-to-medium business needs exposure to as many audiences as possible to generate the required revenue. Which ultimately depends on the number of users these platforms have per month or daily.

Let us dig deeper into the matter and compare a few factors that matter the most when it comes to your SMB:

Number of Users:

The number of users matters the most among these components. It is the base of your business exposure; if you choose the platform with the most users visiting, then you are guaranteed to target and acquire more customers. The data at hand shows 26 billion users monthly and 4 billion users daily for Facebook, as for Instagram, 1 billion per month, and 500 million per day users. This shows the drastic difference between the number of users on each platform and clarifies which platform has the upper hand in the number of users.

Business Exposure:

As an online retailer, it is the prime desire of a seller to gain as much online exposure as possible to generate more hype around their business. This brings us to the next aspect of our comparative analysis, business exposure to customers. Data indicates 15% of Facebook users utilize the platform to discover and shop products online and 18.3% of adults have used Facebook to make purchases online in the year past. On the other hand, 11% of Instagram users have been using the platform for shopping purposes. However, if more than 10% of users are using a platform for shopping, it means a great deal, so Instagram isn’t irrelevant at all.

This analysis shows how Facebook has 4% more users for online shopping than Instagram, which shows Instagram competing with Facebook even with the substantially low number of users!

Utility of Platform to Marketers:

Businesses using social media platforms as a part of their marketing strategy is very important; almost all businesses do that. It brings the business in question under the spotlight and helps in its discovery. When it is marketers that invest in social media platforms being discussed, 89% of them use Facebook as a component of their marketing. This number shows the strength and influence Facebook has on the market and customer choice. Compared to this, 65% of online retailers choose Instagram in their marketing strategy, which might be comparatively less but mighty in its own right.

The high number of marketers on a platform shows how Facebook has a track record of success. Although the great number of marketers would also mean tougher competition, with the right strategies, you are most likely to succeed.

Using social media platforms as a part of your marketing strategy can prove more than an improvement; they have the potential to shift your business completely to an all-out brand. With the right marketing strategy, your success on such platforms is more than guaranteed. Looking for an agency with the perfect plan? Look no further, Right Eye Marketing is the place for you to discover the stronger side of your business and compete in the market efficiently.

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