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Everyone who has a basic idea of marketing and sales must know that branding is the foundational element of any business. It is an effective way to make your company instantly recognizable.

 What is Branding?

From the perspective of modern marketing, branding is referred to as trademark advertising. It involves the promotion of a product with a distinct name or identity. Branding is the practice to promote company logos, slogans, taglines, and jingles, etc. The sole reason for branding is to create awareness and recognition of your product in the market. It has been evolving. It not only encompasses brand awareness but also entails a whole broad spectrum of advertising and marketing.


A Digital Era:

Targeting customers in this mobile revolution is hard for business but has opened up a superfluity of opportunities. Mobile technology is flexible and allows interaction between business and consumers on a personal level. Businesses are gravitating towards digital technology because here branding occurs at a faster pace. Does it imply that traditional branding is shabby? Well, modern and traditional branding techniques are being compared to measure effectiveness. The importance of traditional branding cannot be ignored but today it is playing a supporting role rather than navigating the entire marketing. Old strategies like catchy tagline and nice logo are also important to support modern branding efforts. Or you can say that traditional marketing along with modern marketing can win the bet at the branding competition.

Let’s dig into the details

Take Advantage of Technology:

Technology has made it possible to interact with customers most exceptionally. In this technological era, everyone is well familiar with mobiles and the internet which has gathered people all over the world under one platform. There was a time when cannot even communicate out of the city, but now there is no limit. Technology is not constant, and that is its major perk. There are ever-increasing evolution and variation that accounts for endless opportunities for the branding of a business. So, make the most of the technology and leverage it aptly.


Social Media – A Tool for Branding:

Technology has introduced us with an incredible tool named as social media. It is the major patron of modern branding. It is like an inexpensive weapon in modern branding to conquer the world of brands. For this purpose, you must completely comprehend how branding channels operate. You must figure out the metrics of all branding channels that result in maximum profit because not all the social media platforms offer the same results. Get a detailed knowledge about your customer preferences and filter them.

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Whip Up Traditional and Modern Branding:

To get the best results we should not rely only on a single branding strategy. Traditional branding plays a relevant role to support the modern branding. You should learn how to utilize traditional elements (logos, mission statements, taglines) with modern branding strategies.  You must figure out how will you spend your money in the best way. Try a different assortment of communication channels and go for the one which offers more engagement of the audience. For instance, the Podcast is famous to determine the brand’s value. Studies have shown that the number of people listening to a podcast elevates every month. From this observation, it is induced that households with high incomes are more likely to come to your social media channel. A podcast is similar to a talk show which is distributed digitally. All-in-all traditional branding is very much proportion of branding function along with modern branding. So don’t give up on any of the branding techniques and create a benchmark in the marketplace.


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