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All You need to know about Submitting URLs to Google

Google is one of the major search engines that also claims that it grabs 90% of market search online. To drive traffic towards your website, you need to learn about submitting your website URLs to Google. In Google Search Console, you can add your website XML sitemap and website URLs to start an indexing request. It checks if the URL already exists in Google. If not, it generates an indexing request.

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Let’s learn more about submitting your website URLs to Google in more detail.

Submitting Your Site to Google: 

Using Google Search Console, you can add your website and submit an XML sitemap to let Google crawler index your website. When submitting URLs to Google using Google Search Console, you can use different ways mentioned below:

1. Crawling Request:

If you are looking to submit a single URL, you can request Google to crawl that specific URL. If you update a new page and want your single page URL to appear in Google, this method is pretty helpful. However, resubmitting XML sitemap can also help your website be on Google.

2. Use Sitemap:

Submitting a sitemap is the most common way to let Google crawls your website. XML sitemap collects all of the pages into one compilation. Service pages, contact us pages, about us pages, and other necessary and valuable pages included in the XML sitemap.

For bigger and larger websites, it is wise to create various versions of website XML sitemaps. For example, clothing stores, eCommerce online stores may have a large number of pages and categories. Using Sitemap XML can help you get all your website indexed in one crawl.

Create a Crawl request using Google Search Console:

To let Google crawl new pages of any website, follow the steps.

1. Google Search Console:

You can Login to your Google Search Console account and select property from the top left side sandwich menu. This property represents a website for which you want to request page indexing.

2. Inspecting URLs:

  • From the menu, go-to performance and click inspect URL.
  • Copy and paste your website URL in the bar
  • Google search console will show a popup saying, “retrieve data from Google Index”.

If Google already crawled and indexed your page, your report will be generated, that this URL is already indexed in Google.

3. Requesting a URL indexing:

Before you request any URL for indexing, you can test the live URL option first. Submitting a URL for indexing is a simple process. Just copy and paste the URL in the Google Search Console Search bar. Hit enter and request for indexing. Google crawler will schedule boot to index the page URL.

Submitting an already submitted request won’t change the crawl time and schedule. So, do not submit the same URL page request again and again. After Google crawls your website, you can start viewing clicks, impressions, and search queries in the performance tab of Google Search Console.

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